Use SMARTER Targets

At this time of year, you may be considering whether you’re going to make a New Year’s resolution. Maybe you’ve made them in the past and lost interest over time. Or perhaps you buckled down and followed through. Either way, you’re now facing the beginning of another new year.


The educator’s conundrum.

Research carried out by Elizabeth Bonawitz and Patrick Shafio published in “Cognition” addresses the question as to whether teachers should ‘tell pupils’ the way things are or encourage them to ‘explore’ and ‘play’

A decade ago in the review of the National Curriculum in which Michale Gove (Education Secretary) was…

Afreeism : Some reflections

There is no such thing as freewill

“Afreeism” is a term I came across in book by Stephen G Marks. (Afreeism: How a new (and Ancient) wisdom of the Universe can transform society and enrich our lives).

In this book Marks writes

“Afreeism (ay’-free-izm), the understanding that free will is…

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