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How to Detach From Past Negative Experiences

How long do you carry the past with you?

Do you still squirm when you think about striking out in the bottom of the ninth inning with two men on base to lose the game?

Are you still fuming at your…

And starting fresh

If you feel like life has become predictable, unfulfilling, and boring, maybe it’s time for a fresh start. …

Some thoughts on Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

World Mental Health Day

The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year.

Being mentally healthy doesn’t just mean that you don’t have a mental health problem.

If you’re in good mental health, you can:

  • make the most of your potential
  • cope…

Improving Your Fluid and Crystalline Intelligence

Fluid and Crystallised Intelligence

The concepts of fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence were introduced in 1963 by the psychologist Raymond Cattell.

Crystallized Intelligence: could be seen as all that we have learned; our knowledge, past-learning and even what we consider to be our memories-experiences…

What is it and What are the benefits?

Cognitive Training

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to essentially re-wire itself as a response to experience and activities. …

Benefits of Meditation Practice

Benefits of Meditation

The word “meditation” is emotionally charged. In the past with some groups I have chosen to use the term “personal reflection” or even “self-awareness for relaxation”

Thus the initial stages of “body scan” and “letting thoughts flow” do not have the same potential…

System 1 and System 2 Processing

Daniel Kahneman used the terms System 1 and System 2 in his 2011 book “Thinking Fast and Slow”

In essence, he was making the distinction between ‘automatic’ and ‘deliberate’ thought processes.

Kahneman was using the terms defined by Stonovich and West in their 2000…

And how to develop them

Five Factors of Mental High Performance

MOTIVATION — the emotional oil for the gears of action

Desire, Willingness, Determination, Need, Want

The emotional juice drives the behaviour to move away from pain and towards pleasure. The PUSH or PULL factors make an action imperative.


Yes, it really is relevant to the corporate world too.


It is, for me, a truism that breathing affects physiology, physiology affects internal state and internal state affects performance. The idea of this cycle allows us to consider when and how we can influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

An employers duty of care.

Mental Health and an Employers Duty of Care

At the time of writing the business community is recovering from the impact of the Pandemic and many if the social and economic uncertainties are still present.

One of the biggest challenges faced by employers at this…

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