How Stop Giving Up Giving Up

Dr Alan Jones PhD FRSA
3 min readJan 1, 2022

Fifteen things to do when you think you need to give up on a project or goal

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It’s often the case that new goals and projects are infused with a kind of energy. A vibe that gets the motivational juices flowing and drives us forward.

How soon that energy and motivation so often fades. That can leave us with numerous incomplete projects and “half-developed” ideas.

So, here are fifteen tips to help you to stop giving up, giving us.

1) Take one small step every day towards your goal.

Often the steps we plan to take are unrealistic and this actually can set us up for failure.

2) Allow yourself to fail in small ways when learning something new.

Actually try to let the idea of “failure” let go completely. Each step you take is a learning step., an opportunity to go beyond what you knew.

3) Keep track of the reasons you want to complete this goal, so when you feel like quitting, you can remind yourself why it’s worth it in the long term.

Having an emotional hook to what you are doing is essential. As I mentioned in my article on SMARTER Targets.

4) Remind yourself that feeling frustrated is part of learning something new. Think about the things you have achieved in the past and reflect on what was once hard is now easy.

5) Acknowledge what you have already accomplished – don’t let a temporary setback keep you from your overall goal. Having clearly identified steps towards a goal is one thing, but I invite my clients to work from the future to the now when creating their initial task list. It keeps the task within the context of the overall objective.

6) Keep your eyes on the long-term prize – it’s too soon to quit now. Remember that the time you are investing now is about that brighter future,

As Muhammad Ali, who disliked training, said

You gotta do the miles on the road if you want to dance…

Dr Alan Jones PhD FRSA

Director of Elyn Bres writing about personal development, the mind, spirituality and future histories. Elyn Bres is Cornish for Clear Mind